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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Q & A

How did you choose your career path?

My dad was in sales and I am a socially engaging and outgoing person, so it all seemed natural.

 What do you enjoy most about your work?

Relationships attained throughout the country which effectively created my own “brand” without even being aware of it. 

What motivates you?

Goals that make a lasting positive difference for product, company, and reputation.

What is a book that everyone needs to read and why?

Lonesome Dove. The basics of human experiences that are always there, some overt and some not. 

If you had a personal mission statement, what would it be?

To make a situation more productive, lasting, and of consistent high quality outcomes while at the same time making it mutually positive and joyful for vendor and customer.

What top 3 skills do you have to offer your next employer?

1.    Understanding the landscape and needs of any situation quickly from all stakeholders point of view.
2.    Developing action plans that can be seamlessly implemented while maximizing resources and time management to reach the endpoint in a measurable manner.
3.    Provide the energy and skills to enhance business relationships, both internal and external, for long term bottom line and industry reputation gain.

What are you working on right now?

While I am seeking a mutually rewarding full time role where I can make an ongoing contribution, I have established “Better Sales Performance, LLC”. This allows me to market and apply my skills in sales advisory, training, and executive sales services, working with startups and small to medium-sized companies.

What is your greatest accomplishment, so far?

Outside of lasting relationships, being able to have access to the highest levels of the optical industry and playing an active role in writing articles, being an industry SME (e.g. industrial automation), and having Board experience. Also launching new products and discovering new markets for existing technologies.

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Interests & Hobbies



Andrew Karp, Director of Content and Special Projects, Jobson Medical Information/WebMD

Throughout the years I’ve known Steve, he has always impressed me with his analytical ability. He is a keen observer of the eyewear and eyecare industry, an attentive listener and an excellent trend spotter. This combination of skills has allowed him to develop a nuanced understanding of emerging technologies and new forms of competition, along with insights about their impact on business. Steve consistently offers a fresh perspective on our industry, and I usually learn something new from our conversations. 

Keith Pulling, Client

I have been fortunate to know Steve as both a customer of his and in his role as a director on the board of the Optical Lab industry association. As his customer Steve was a problem solver, making the investment of time to fully understand our needs and finding the best solutions to meet those needs. As an industry association Director, I was able to see Steve provide leadership, a sense of direction, and a broad knowledge of industry trends and their implications. He develops deep and lasting relationships with those he works with. Steve is the person I would call when I needed to better understand what was happening in the optical market.  

Diane Hart, Regional VP Operations, West Region, Hoya Vision Care

I have known Steve for many years and he is always professional and extremely responsive to customer needs. Steve builds partnerships and trust with all of his business partners. Steve looks for ways to ensure the best solution for his customers and with his strong industry knowledge, I value his input and advice. It has been a pleasure to work with Steve over the years and I value the relationship and continued support he provides. Steve is very personable and forms lasting relationships. I strongly recommend Steve and believe he would be an asset to any company. 

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